Fire insurance – in homes and land

Fire insurance has always been relevant, but has been underestimated, in Nuevo Leon, and now with the temperature rising, fires have increased dramatically in Monterrey. In short, fire insurance would be a good option to consider covering damages or losses to homes and land. It is an additional protection because it covers the cost of reconstruction, repairs and restoration of the property, in addition to the limit stipulated in the owner’s insurance policy.

Why would you consider it for your home?

In addition, fire insurance provides protection from smoke and water damage. It covers fires caused by electricity, gas explosion, or other natural disasters. Some insurance includes paying for additional expenses such as buildings close to the property and temporary living expenses.

When the home is determined as a total loss, the insurance repays the owner’s home at market value. Usually the insurance company compares the fair value to the lost property. At Investo, we understand the importance of additional insurance and protection and encourage our clients to obtain the necessary protection for their home or investment.

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